In commercial sector success is measured by financial stability. The main goal is maximization of profit.

The main goal of state and charitable organizations is social effect and maximisation of society's satisfaction.

But there is also the "third" sector that unite both described models. It is called socially oriented economy. Such companies work in commercial (private) sector, but at the same time they carry out tasks of the noncommercial organizations..

APortal has 2 year's experience of curation such projects on financial, administrative and legal issues. We have developed our own technique of an assessment of social projects and nowadays we provide full list of services for social entrepreneurs.

  • Business planning for social projects

We not only make business plans but also help entrepreneurs to make effective presentation and to find the financial support.

  • Mentoring of social projects

Our mentor program is aimed to support non-profit organizations at the time of becoming social business - from administrative system formation to financial stability and independence of the enterprise.

We are ready to give to the social entrepreneur full support on administrative, financial and legal issues. We provide financial, tax planning, accounting and management trainings.

  • Training webinars and Skype-consultations on social projects issues
  • "Turnkey" business management

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